Master a Full-Featured CFD Software.

Learn how to perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies easily, within the general purpose software suite HELYX. Within HELYX, users can perform volumetric meshing, case setup, case execution, results post-processing, and use the advanced scripting capability to automate analysis tasks.

Leverage the Most Advanced Open-Source Mesher on the Market.

Learn about the powerful hex-dominant volume mesher that comes with HELYX and ELEMENTS and how to easily control and create complex meshes. With more than a decade of development, helyxHexMesh is designed for creating quality CFD meshes to run in HELYX and ELEMENTS.

Post-Process Results and Automate Work Tasks.

Learn how to post-process CFD results and script complex tasks within one single software environment. Built on the VTK library, HELYX includes a post-processing interface to enable users to interact with data in a single GUI interface (included in the cost of HELYX and ELEMENTS ).

Perform Streamlined Automotive Analysis.

See how OEMs around the world are using ELEMENTS for automotive CFD applications from external aerodynamics assessment to computational aero-acoustics analysis. Learn how to setup and effectively use best-practice templates that have been perfected in the wind tunnel with our technical partners the Auto Research Center.

Optimize with Continuous Adjoint.

Learn how to perform topology and shape optimization on your designs to meet both single and multi-objectives criteria. See our training on HELYX Adjoint and ELEMENTS Adjoint Add-On Modules. The next-generation optimization approach implemented only in the Adjoint Add-On module can outperform other commercial and open-source continuous and discrete adjoint solvers.