Our HELYX Adjoint Training course provides the foundation for effectively using HELYX Adjoint to perform design optimization using continuous adjoint. The overall sequence of the course follows:

  • HELYX Basic Training (included): All the basic training from the first course is bundled for new users.
  • Introduction to Continuous Adjoint: You will build on your knowledge of HELYX and continue to the continuous adjoint methodology.
  • HELYX GUI Interface: You will be given a detailed walk through of the GUI interface and some general discussion of how to control your optimizations.
  • Complete Optimization Walk Through: Using topology optimziation as the main focus, you will be guided through the steps of evaluating current designs, performing an optimization, and then evaluating your optimal design.
  • Advanced Topics: Training will cover additional topics that can help directly with real world applications (e.g. multi-objective optimization) and streamlining work tasks

By the end of the training, you will gain the necessary information to start using HELYX Adjoint in your daily work and replace other commercial CFD and Optimziation tools.

Topology Optimization with Continuous Adjoint

Immersed Optimal Surface Morphing within a Design Envelope

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